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Belarus could soon allow online gambling

Belarus could soon allow online gambling Specifically, a license would be approved only following a deposit made into a designated account. This deposit, which wasn’t assigned an amount, would be used to cover any winnings and/or tax payments should the casino go belly up. Tax authorities would have to be given remote access to the establishment and a special computer system would have to be used to cover cash turnover related to the operation’s gambling activity. No gambling would be allowed for anyone under 21 years old. This is an increase over the current 18-year minimum and applies to all casinos, brick-and-mortar or virtual. The legislation also indicates that casino visitors are now prohibited from giving money to others so that they can gamble and all gambling facilities must have video surveillance systems installed. As a result of the latest changes to the country’s gambling laws, casinos will see their tax rates stay the same for at least three more years. This is welcome news, as many casinos were uncertain of what was in store for them regarding possible new taxes being levied on them. The new laws also are designed to help another aspect—revenue generation. It should help keep money at home and reverse the tendency of locals to gamble online through sites that are located outside of Belarus. The result will be more money delivered to the country’s coffers The bill was drafted by the country’s Minister of Taxes and Levies, Sergei Nalivaiko.

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Belarus gives go ahead to online gambling

Belarus gives go ahead to online gambling It’s often very difficult to know what to think about Belarus. In the same week that the country launched a new crackdown on independent media and journalists , President Aleksandr Lukashenko has nodded through a new law opening the country up to online gambling. The law, put forward in July by Sergei Nalivaiko, the minister for taxation, legalises and regulates online gambling, and will allow companies to use Belarus as a base for online casinos. This will be crucial given that access to international gambling sites which do not base their servers in Belarus will be blocked. Online casino licences will only be granted to operators that deposit funds to a designated account, which will be used to cover any winnings or tax payments should the venture fail.

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